Maltby Street Market or the heaven for foodies

Maltby Street Market. One of my favorite places in London

Maltby Street Market

Located in South London (Bermondsey), Maltby Street Market is the crown jewel of street food. Unlike Borough, Broadway, or Brixton Market, this one dates only a few years back. It’s actually amazing how fast and beautifully this young food market developed. And here, it’s all about the essence, because it’s probably the smallest food market you’ll find.

Skilled chefs come every weekend, with some of their most tasty and interesting street food.
I wish I could say I have a favorite, but after tasting a number of dishes, it’s literally impossible to name one. Every time I come here I have a bite of at least 3 or 4 different dishes.

The market boasts some beautiful under-arch restaurants and bars. And it’s amazing how they’re so simple and yet so beautiful. I guess their simplicity gives them authenticity. Some of them were timber storages, and you can still find pieces of wood between the tables or on their walls.

The design is kind of industrial and it’s made out of old washed bricks that support beams and wood that was left from the old storages which used to fill the place.

Now coming back to food, I can say that the steak from The Steakers is one of the dishes that won a special spot in my heart. I’ve tried it with chips and chimichurri, or within a sandwich. Both are great.

Maltby Street Market

The guys from Sub Cult are really talented when it comes to making some of the most delicious sandwiches. I guess that’s why they won so many awards. I’ve tried their Sub-Marine (with seared scallops, roast free range pulled pork, calamari, Rocket, Lemon and Parsley Mayo) and Rodeo-Sub (with 28 days hung beef, provolone cheese, pickled chilies, baby onions, and black truffle mayo) and I really can’t decide which one is best. I think I’ll just have to try them again 🙂

Maltby Street Market

Aphrodite’s Food is also one of my favorites as I really like Eastern Mediterranean flavors. She uses organic ingredients, and she makes a fantastic pita bread. I loved their crispy chicken, their pomegranate ketchup and tabouleh salad, all mixed perfectly in the pita. Definitely worth a try!

As you stroll through Maltby Street, somewhere between the brick arches, timber and restaurants you will find one of the best burgers in London. They are from African Volcano. Trust me when I say that these guys don’t play around when it comes to burgers. It’s probably the best I’ve ever had and it’s humongous. The photo below stands as evidence.

Maltby Street Market

You might want some craft beer or mead to go with your burger. And there’s plenty of that in Maltby Street. There’s quite a number of craft beverages that I found very interesting. These come from very small producers but the quality is outstanding. I’ve had a few sips of wine and vermouth from a Spanish winery from Catalonia and if I was a wine expert I would probably make a whole article just about them.

The lads from The Cheese Truck also came up with some interesting sandwiches as well. They make the old style cheese sandwiches with a twist: they add nuts, honey, chorizo or bacon.

Last, but certainly not least, we’ve got Tozino. If you’re into Spanish food, then this is definitely the place for you. They bring the highest quality ham and chorizo straight from the Spanish producers. Try one of their boards with cheese and Cava or Sangria. Besides their goodies, Tozino’s decor stands out as well. It’s converted old storage, under a bricked arch, from where the cured pork legs hang. Quite original and delicious 🙂

Maltby Street Market


I could go on and on about food and places for foodies but a picture is worth a thousand words, therefore I’ll let the gallery below describe everything.



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