Brixton Market. A hub of cultures in South London

Brixton Market. A hub of cultures in South London. If you’re a real foodie you have to see it

Brixton Market

I have a confession to make: I am a shopaholic. Living in London, such a big city with so many things to offer (oh, if only I could afford everything), it’s impossible not to become one. The brand stores, the boutiques, the online stores…
everything is conceived to offer you a great shopping experience and make you a loyal customer. And this is the perfect recipe to become a shopaholic.

But London markets are something else, quite different that the usual stores. They are a mix of cultures from all over the world, of luring scents, craftsmanship and vintage that pulls you like a magnet. They stand out by being authentic. All of these influences give these food markets a unique personality that makes the shopping experience special.

Brixton Market is one of them and it’s one of my Food Markets series.

Brixton Market. A hub of cultures in South London

It was a cloudy day when I decided to visit it. But since this is kind of normal for London, it wouldn’t have stopped me to go and have an awesome Sunday Funday. From the moment I got there, I started hearing some reggae beats coming out of a stand that was selling vinyls and Jamaican hats.

The vendors seemed to have a really good time, as they were dancing in the street without any care about the rain that just started. This was only the beginning of this huge food market, piled with colorful stores and friendly vendors, that made it impossible not to stay and chat with them and buy a bit of everything.

Brixton Market

This is the heart of the Caribbean community and has a long history, dating back to the 20th century. Between the two world wars, three covered markets were built: Reliance Arcade, Granville Arcade and Market Row.

This fusion of cultures, from European and African, to Asian and even South American, shelters a huge retail market, marked by creativity and originality. Unlike Borough and Maltby Street markets (which are strictly food-focused), you can find here home decorations, clothing items and a lot of other handmade stuff, all of them being filled with color and personality.

Foodies definitely need to pay a visit. This hub of cultures offers a range of dishes in a distinctive ambiance.

You have to try Pop Brixton, a place made of containers, that embodies a lot of small restaurants and bars, where you can enjoy a delicious burger with some craft beer, or you can just relax with a warm matcha latte.

After that, you should check out Brixton Village and Market Row, where you’ll find fresh fish, Asian and Caribbean ingredients, South American restaurants, some lovely tacos and a lot of vintage home decor and handmade clothing items.

I’ll let the photos below describe the Brixton Market best.

Brixton Market

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