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That’s me up there. My name is Mihaela Metaxa-Albu and I was a pastry chef at Zuma London, the busiest and one of the best restaurants London has to offer. I am a wife, a chef, photography passionate and most recently a blogger.

I started cooking for my then-boyfriend about 6 years ago. With absolutely no experience, you can imagine how terrible I was. For some reason, he really loved my food and I liked that. I started cooking for friends and family whenever they visited us, and to my satisfaction, they loved it too. Seeing them so pleased with the dishes I cooked, it made me want to improve my skills.

So I started spending more and more time in the kitchen and online, always looking for recipes and trying new things. Soon, I realized that this is my passion and one of the things I enjoy doing most. We moved to London, where I studied Culinary Arts at Southgate College for one year and got a Chef’s Diploma.

After that, my boyfriend became my husband. I guess I had him with my Blondies
Cooking eats up a huge part of my life since I am a (THE) chef at home as well.

I took my passion for cooking, added photography, some good vibes and seasoned it with some of the best places for foodies. And this is how I started Blondelish. I will try to inspire you with some of the best recipes I know and the ones that I learn daily.

I will share my cooking experience with you and I will write and give sincere feedback about places for foodies, in London and of course from any of my travels.

It should go without saying that I am an advocate for healthy food. But I am also an advocate for delicious food and of course, it has to be easy to make because in the hectic world we live in, time is very important for all of us.

Your feedback, suggestions and comments are very important to me. So, please leave a note and let me know. I am not an expert and I am hoping to learn something new each day.

Kisses to you all

“Cooking is a language through which all the following properties can be expressed: Harmony, Creativity, Happiness, Beauty, Magic, Complexity, Humour, Provocation, Culture.” (Ferran Adria, chef at El Bulli Restaurant, Artist of the molecular gastronomy).

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