There are two ways I can help you grow your culinary business. I can make viral food videography and photography, or I can place your branded products in my articles, photos and videos. So let’s start with the first.

1. Food Videography and Photography

Food Videography and Photography

Whether you are running a food blog, a diet website or restaurant, people need to see your amazing work online.

And in the competitive world of Facebook and Instagram, it’s not easy to make your visual content stand out. Gone are the days when you could take a photo with your smartphone and make it viral.

So what can you do to promote your culinary products or services?

Buy expensive equipment, learn to cook, to make food videography and photography, then learn how to edit as well?

That sounds a bit extreme, doesn’t it?

The answer is simple: Hire the specialists!

I have started Yum Creative, a food photography and videography agency because a lot of people were asking me to help them with their culinary visual content. That was more than a year ago.

Since then, my team has developed hundreds of food videos and thousands of photos and we’re constantly growing those numbers.

Here are a few reasons why you should choose our food videography and photography services:

  •  Show your audience how to make your delicious recipes, whether you’re a food blog or a healthy diet website/app.
  •  We shoot in a professional studio with high-end equipment.
  •  Choose from over 30 kinds of backgrounds (different colors, textures, and materials)
  •  We’ll take care of the whole process for you. That includes developing the recipe, cooking, shooting, and editing.
  •  We already work with popular brands so rest assured that you’re in good hands.

And the list could go on but you can see more on our website,

You can find there a lot more details about what we do, our price list, and portfolios.

Here is an example video, but if you got here I am sure you already know quite a few:


Now, let me tell you a few words about the second way I can help you grow your business.

2. Product Placement

We can work with your branded products and subtly show them in our photos and videos on This will help you build and increase brand awareness on social media or different online outlets.

In a way, I would be your brand ambassador.

But there is a catch here…

All products must be of highest quality and I reserve the right to refuse the ones that don’t meet acceptable standards.

Please keep in mind that I will only share healthy and quality products with my community and won’t compromise on that. Thanks for understanding!

Prices for this service are only available after a consultation because I need to know all your requirements to give you a quote.

So contact me and we’ll take it from there.

Product Placement 2

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