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What People Say:

“Mihaela’s recipes are indulgent, comforting and inventive, yet simple enough for anyone to make. Cheese lovers are here to stay, and so is this gorgeous new cookbook!”
Rachel Maser, CleanFoodCrush.com

“From the drool-worthy, captivating images to the unique and delicious cheese pairings in recipes, the I Heart Cheese cookbook will have you eating cheese like never before. It’s a cheese lover’s dream!”
Yumna Jawad, FeelGoodFoodie.net

“This cookbook is packed with tasty, homemade meals that are easy and approachable. It’s perfect for those looking to incorporate more cheese into their diet.”
Rena Awada, HealthyFitnessMeals.com


About & What To Expect:

“I’ll bring the cheese; you bring the wine.”
—Mihaela Metaxa-Albu (aka “Blondelish”)

I ♡ Cheese is an expression of my love for cheese in all of its forms. It has a whopping 60 cheese-based recipes for every meal, and all prominently feature some type of cheese. The recipes explored in this book include textures from fresh, soft and hard cheeses. They also explore different flavors, from extra mild to super pungent.

Best of all, the recipes in I ♡ Cheese are incredibly easy to follow, as are all of my recipes on Blondelish.com. They’re perfect for showing off on special occasions and gatherings, such as birthdays and Christmas, but they’re also wonderful for simple daily meals, enabling you to satiate the appetites of all cheese lovers. Furthermore, the recipes in this book range from soups to pasta, from salads to cakes, and much more. You’ll find cheese in places you never expected to see it before, bringing powerful new flavors to longstanding dishes.

Apart from being an expression of my love for cheese, I also consider this work an homage to its history and the multitude of ways that cheese is incorporated into cuisines everywhere. Whether it’s French Camembert, Dutch Gouda, English Cheddar or American Monterey Jack, you will surely find your favorite here.

Moreover, these recipes will fit most budgets. If you’re on a tight one, you can make them with the usual cheese brands from your local grocery store. If you can afford to spend more, you can indulge in the more flavorful aged cheeses from specialty cheese shops.

I Heart Cheese aims to make cheese digestible for everybody, both literally and in terms of knowledge. This book will inspire you to try new things and to get more creative with your everyday dishes. The goal is to educate, inform and inspire foodies with delicious ways to incorporate cheese into cooking by using these recipes as shining examples of the power of cheese in the kitchen.

I hope you enjoy this book … and don’t forget the wine.

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