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“The food photos in this cookbook are incredible! So colorful and vibrant! Drool-worthy detail, Mihaela! I want to make every single recipe in this book! I love that these recipes are packed with protein and LOADS of flavors = SUPER SATISFYING!  WOW! This book is just beautiful and will be permanently sitting in my kitchen”
Rachel Maser, CleanFoodCrush.com

“Mihaela’s 30- minutes keto recipes is a book you would want to share with family and friends! It has a huge collection of easy to make keto-friendly recipes that are delicious and crowd-pleasing. Each recipe is unique, creative, and approachable. This book is the perfect addition to your cookbook collection.”
Rena Awada, HealthyFitnessMeals.com


About & What To Expect:

Low Carb Cooking Made Fast, Easy & Delicious

When I was pregnant with little George, I gained some extra weight. I thought that after I gave birth, the extra baby weight would disappear quickly. Typically, it can take months or even years for a woman to naturally get back to her previous weight, and some women never do. But for me, it was imperative to get back into my old jeans as quickly as possible. The contracts were signed for commercials and shoots that asked me to look the same as before. Furthermore, the extra weight was sucking my energy away—I needed energy not only to continue my work and projects but also to take care of my baby.

Two months after having my son, my weight was almost the same. My energy levels were low and I couldn’t focus as well as before. I decided it was time to approach weight loss more intentionally by starting the keto diet.

I chose keto because, after shooting some recipe videos for a client at YumCreative.com and eating only keto foods for about a week and a half (as that was the only food we had in the studio), I started losing weight. The loss was small, as you can imagine from just a single week — but still, I was impressed that I was losing weight without any other change in my behavior or exercise habits.

So, I thought I’d give keto a try for 30 days. I quickly put together a list of keto recipes that I found online, and when I started cooking them, I immediately spotted a huge problem with this diet.

The Problem

Most keto recipes are time-consuming, often taking more than an hour to cook, and they can be complex and difficult to make. I was working ten hours a day, caring for a baby and adjusting to being a new mother. Who has the time to spend an hour and a half cooking these days, right?

Keto recipes usually lack veggies, and yes you need to limit your carb intake, but what about all the low-carb veggies that you can add to your diet while still keeping the fat levels up? As much as I needed to lose weight, this kind of keto just wasn’t going to work for me.

The Solution

What does a creative director do best? She gets creative!

I needed to lose weight and didn’t have time to test another diet. So I started creating my own keto recipes that fit my requirements: recipes that I could make in under 30 minutes (which was the longest I was willing to spend on any meal), that struck a balance between saturated fats from dairy and healthy fats (such as olive oil, fish, nuts and seeds), that included low-carb veggies and that I could share with my family and friends who were not on the keto diet.

The last aspect might not seem like much, but trust me, it’s very important. Your family will most likely not be on keto at the same time as you, which means you would normally have to cook twice: a keto meal for you and a “normal” meal for your family. This was going strongly against my requirement for quick and easy recipes.

I needed recipes that even non-keto foodies would love. And that was the starting point of this book. I jotted down all the keto recipes that I created and cooked, and now I’m sharing a collection of my favorite quick and easy family-friendly keto meals. I even added a chapter with delicious fat bombs to incorporate into your diet if you need to increase your daily fat intake.

What you’ll get from this book

In this cookbook, you will find 60 simple keto recipes that you can make in under 30 minutes, recipes so delish that people who don’t follow the keto diet will not even spot the difference. From oven roasts to one-pot meals, and from stir-fries to sautéed dishes, this book covers a wide range of keto meals. I’m sure you’ll find a few favorites in these pages.

And the result of my 30-day keto diet? In those 30 days, I lost almost 9 pounds (4 kg), and in the 15 days after that I lost an additional 4 pounds (1.8 kg). I didn’t lose all 22 pounds (9.9 kg) that I unrealistically wanted to shed as a new mom, but I was on the right track. And best of all, my energy levels were up, I was performing very well at work and I started going to the gym, which helped me lose the remaining pounds within just a few months. Most importantly, I was happy to solve a common issue and make my favorite diet simple.

I hope you enjoy these recipes. And if you know others having the same issues with keto, share this book with them and help them out.

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