Borough Market – Best Food Market For Passionate Foodies

Borough Market, one of the most amazing places for passionate foodies

Borough Market

Today I am going to write a bit about Borough Market. This is the first post on my blog and it’s also the first in my Food Markets series, in which I will write about London’s food markets and I will update it with others that I will find in my travels.

Now, this is probably the best food market in London and it is just across the street from London Bridge tube station. If you go on a Friday or Saturday, just exit the station and follow the crowd. They’re all going there. This vibrant place is filled with food that will make you feel hungry the moment you see it (or smell it). A word of advice: Don’t eat before you come here.

Mixed with people always eager to put on some quirky outfits or parade their beautifully restored Oldtimer motorcycles, an amazing London picture is painted here every week. It is one of my favorite places, one that you foodies shouldn’t miss. From prawn wraps to figs saucisson, from classic beef to kangaroo burgers, from sour to sweet, it’s all there.

You might want to visit it on a Saturday as that is when all stalls are open, and it’s the busiest day for the market. If you walk past Applebee’s Fish, try the prawn wrap. Don’t let the long queue scare you away. It’s totally worth it.

After loading up with a lot of goodies you can relax and enjoy the oysters and fish at Wright Brothers Oyster and Porter House. They also do gratin oysters, which is perfect for people who don’t like them raw.

Check out my Charcuterie Board to see what I bought from the market and what I have done with it. It should make a wonderful romantic dinner.
I am sure that by now you’ve all been hooked, so see you all in Borough Market on Saturday.

Best days to visit Borough Market?

Friday and Saturday.

Things to try?

Prawn wrap at Applebee’s Fish.
The oysters at Wright Brothers Oyster and Porter House,
The Salted Beef Sandwich from Nana Fanny’s (my favourite).
Bannoffee Pie from Ion Patisserie (only if you get there early because it sells really fast)
The various types of saucisson and cheese from Une Normande a Londres (my favourite is the hazelnut saucisson),
The salt beef sandwiches and burgers from Northfield Farm.
The Dorset scallops from Shellseekers Fish&Game.
And a lot more. I am sure there is something for every foodie that will visit the market.

Next article will be about another food market in London. Stay tuned

Borough Market


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