Broadway Market. One of London’s best food markets

Broadway Market is the place to find Hackney’s best street food

Broadway Market

Anyone fancy a bit of street food? Anyone wants to buy some fresh meat or veggies and have a good time while doing it? Maybe you’d like some fresh fish and seafood? Or maybe you just want to take a Saturday stroll and you can’t decide where. Well, I’ve got the place for you.

Part of my Food Markets series, today’s piece is about Broadway Market, which is another great food venue that London has to offer.

This is a street market, in Haggerston east London, right next to Regents Canal where a few river boats converted into pubs give a lot of authenticity to the whole scene.
Broadway Market is filled with stands selling a wide range of interesting stuff, from knitted blankets to homemade toys, and from Italian olives to British traditional food.

The area boasts some lovely boutiques and restaurants, where friendly people get together on Saturdays. Always quirky and original, people here are the special ingredient that makes this market so alive and so warm, even on a rainy day. I find myself in this unique style and I usually like to sit at a terrace, sip a glass of wine and just look at people and get inspired from their infinite expressiveness.

Best Street food in Broadway Market

In the street food trend, this is East End’s best food market and one of the best in London, as you have so many goodies to choose from. I always try the salmon bruschetti from Hansen & Lydesen and sometimes buy a whole smoked salmon to take home. I like making my own bruschetti . I also stop at the olives stand, as my fridge always needs a refill of Nocellara and Spanish olives. Here you can find a huge variety and you can try before buying as the vendors and so kind and friendly.

I usually try some Salt Beef or Fried Haddock wrap and then my favorite part begins. The Desserts. So many to choose from that it will actually be quite difficult to decide. NOT! 🙂 The brownies, the blondies, the pies, the cakes, the cookies…. they’re all delicious and homemade. I know, I know, too much dessert is probably not a wise choice, but every once in a while I do like indulging in some of the best stuff sugar has to offer.

Last but not least, I always pair everything I buy from the market with a nice wine from Noble Wines. It’s a lovely store that sells wine made mostly by small producers, that you would otherwise have a hard time finding them, as they don’t make large quantities like the ones you find in big stores.

Best day to visit: Saturday, from 9 am to 5 pm.
Things to try in Broadway Market: Smoked Salmon, Banoffee pie, Brownies, Ciders, wines from Noble Wines, and of course the restaurants.

I’d love to hear about your experience in Broadway Market. If you have some of your own suggestions about what to try there, just drop a comment below., Broadway market, London, Broadway market, London


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