Wagyu beef burger with guacamole and emmental cheese

Wagyu beef burger with guacamole and emmental cheese. Because we just can’t stay away from burgers

Wagyu beef burger with guacamole and emmental cheese

My second confession these days, is that I am nuts about burgers. I always try to find the one that is perfectly balanced: the beef has to be medium cooked and it has to be of considerable size. It has to have a mouth-watering mix of veggies and pickles, and the sauces have to blend perfectly within a bun that should be soft on the inside and a bit crispy at the outside.

There are so many versions of the ideal burger. The meat makes a huge difference. Sometimes it’s the sauce and cheese. The bun is also very important.

I intend to keep on trying burgers wherever I can find them in menus, as I want to find the perfect ones in each of their forms.
Today I tried an interesting mix: Wagyu beef, guacamole and Emmental cheese.

I have to say that it came out fantastic and it’s so easy to make that I can’t even call it a recipe. Perhaps just for the guacamole. But as any bunch of ingredients that are mixed to form a delicious food can be called a recipe, I guess I could say that I have one as well.
Wagyu beef burger with guacamole and emmental cheese
I purchased the Wagyu beef from Borough Market and it came as a burger so I didn’t have to do anything except grill it for about 3 minutes on each side.

This particular beef is really high quality and it comes from Japanese cows that are bred with a special diet and some even receive massages so that their meat would be distinctly tender. It has a very high degree of marbling and the intramuscular fat percentage is quite high, making it so tender that it melts in your mouth. As the degree of marbling increases, so does the price. I guess the massages will add up as well 🙂

Besides the meat, sauce makes a huge difference. I made a creamy guacamole out of freshly mashed avocado, sprayed with olive oil and lime. I added some finely chopped cherry tomatoes and red onion. Then I mixed everything and sprinkled a bit of sea salt over it.

The rest of the ingredients are pretty basic. The Emmental cheese goes very well with the rest and I added a few slices of a red pepper for a bit of freshness. I also used a few pickled hot peppers.

Now this is a mix that will most likely satisfy my taste buds and make me say: Oh, yea! This is the one 🙂
I won’t stop trying though, as burgers come in so many mixes and I am so curious to try them all.

I recently tasted another mouth-watering burger from #AfricanVolcano in Maltby Street Market. It’s a bit different (and massive) than the one I made today but it will also blow you away.
If it’s too much meat for you, check out my Vegetarian Burger with avocado and Blue cheese.

You can be creative and try making your own mixes. I would love to hear your suggestions and comments below. I am not an expert and I am hoping to learn something new each day.

How to Make a Wagyu Beef Burger

Wagyu beef burger with guacamole and emmental cheese

Wagyu beef burger with guacamole and emmental cheese


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