6 Quick & Easy Recipes dishes that you can cook at home

6 Quick & Easy Japanese Recipes that you can cook at home

Did you know that people in Japan live longer and healthier than anyone on Earth? They’ve also got the lowest average of disabilities and lowest obesity rate surpassing even the French. How do they do it, you might ask yourself. Well, it’s thanks for their healthy Japanese cuisine and lifestyle. Trust me I’m not making this up, these are reports from the World Health Organization.

So while we’re constantly trying to find new ways to improve our lives (and lower our waists 🙂 ), the Japanese had it all along. It’s always been there and it’s simple. You don’t have to keep complicated and excruciating diets.

What’s their secret???

LOW-CALORIES FOOD. They simply eat low-calorie food and even when there’s an ingredient with a bit more calories (like the Wagyu beef), they make sure they balance it with less energy-dense foods like veggies, fruits and tofu.

So their cuisine is mainly based on fish, tofu, vegetables and rice. Pretty simple, huh? But the key is to make it a permanent diet. Don’t just keep it for 2-3 weeks in the hopes of losing the extra kilos you just caught from eating all those burgers.

A lot of you are probably thinking ‘Yeah, right, like I’m gonna eat raw fish for the rest of my life now’. Well, it doesn’t have to be sushi, sashimi or any other raw fish for that matter. You just have to use fish, tofu, vegetables and fruits as your main ingredients. What you make of them it’s totally up to you.

Just keep these ingredients in your diet and make sure you avoid cooking with loads of oil at high-temperatures. It’s best to cook your food on the grill, poach it or steam it and if you like it just leave it raw (saves time too 🙂 )

And now let’s take a look at these 6 Japanese Recipes that I put together for you. They are low on calories and easy to cook:

Tuna Tataki

Tuna Tataki Recipe - Japanese Recipes - Japanese Cuisine

It’s a dish made of raw tuna with tataki sauce made of soy and ginger. It’s easy to make once you have that fresh sushi grade tuna. Just sear it about 20 seconds on each side, then slice it thinly in a plate and pour tataki sauce.
See recipe and instructions.

Salmon donburi or raw salmon rice bowl is made of three layers: one of rice, then one of thinly sliced veggies (carrot and radish), and finally a layer of thinly sliced raw salmon. Sprinkle soy seeds and scallions and top it with soy sauce.

Chicken Teriyaki

Teriyaki chicken Recipe - Japanese Recipes - Japanese Cuisine

I would say that the teriyaki sauce is what makes a huge difference. If you use quality ingredients it will surely come out delicious, just like the ones you have in high-end Japanese restaurants. You have to serve it in a bowl, with broccoli and plenty of rice.
Read the recipe and instructions.

Tartar Duo or Tuna and Salmon Tartar.

This is quite delish and you’ll usually find it in restaurants that will charge an arm and a leg for it 🙂 . But don’t let that scare you. You too can make it, from the comfort of your kitchen. Just follow my recipe and instructions here, and in about 15 minutes you’ll laugh in Gordon Ramsay’s face :))

Tip: Always ask for sushi grade fish. This means that it can be served raw.

Salmon and Tuna Tartare Recipe - Japanese Recipes - Japanese Cuisine


Sushi Recipe - Japanese Recipes

One of the most popular Japanese dishes, Sushi is very low on calories as long as it’s done properly. It’s made of rice, raw or cooked fish, and thinly chopped veggies. Now the sauces that come with sushi can boost the calories, so be careful with that if you want to keep it healthy. It’s always best to serve it with the traditional soy sauce. I’ve made a delicious sushi recipe a while ago and you can follow it here.

And stay tuned on Blondelish.com, because there are more sushi recipes to follow. Maki rolls, tempura and vegetarian sushi are on my to-do list. But you can also drop a line in the comments if you have suggestions for some special sushi recipes.

Japanese marinated sea bass

Japanese marinated sea bass with asparagus and chilli - Japanese Recipes

This is a sea bass fillet marinated overnight in a Japanese sauce that makes it exquisitely delicious. You can see how I made this seabass recipe. It’s a delicious healthy dish that you can cook at home and I’m sure your family will love it. But most of all, it’s very light so you won’t have to worry about weight when you’ll grab those few extra bites 🙂

Finally, my favourite Japanese side dish, Tokudai wafu asuparagasu. This is grilled asparagus, topped with soy sauce and sesame. It’s perfect with fish or grilled meat, and vegetarians can serve it as a main.

So now that we’ve come to the end of the article, let’s start cooking that Japanese food, shall we? And if you face any difficulties, with any recipes, just drop a line on Facebook or Twitter and I’ll be happy to guide you.

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