Charcuterie Board and red wine. The recipe of a great evening

Pair this Charcuterie Board with red wine and share it with your loved one

Charcuterie board - Cheese, Saucisson, Olives, Red wine

I don’t know why, but I always found the charcuterie board romantic. Maybe it’s because of the French cheese and saucisson or perhaps it’s because of the Italian red wine I always have it with.

Just picture yourself on the terrace of a lovely small Chateau in Southern France, accompanied by your beloved, having a bite of this delicious charcuterie board and sipping red wine from “a glass that’s never empty” (quote from one of my favourite movies, A Good Year).

Or perhaps you can picture yourself on the balcony of a nice Italian villa, right on the top of the cliffs on the Amalfi Coast, sipping wine, eating cheese and enjoying your sea view.

Every time I make the charcuterie board I feel like I bring a bit of Mediterranean atmosphere in my little London flat.
So, after a stroll in Borough Market, I return home thanking the French for their delicious food.
And the Italians. And the Spanish 🙂 . My tote bag is full of goodies and I can’t wait to tell you all about it.

How to Put Together the perfect Charcuterie Board

This is a list of “basic” groceries that you could get from the Market or from any other french deli store and sometimes you can even find everything on the list at Tesco’s

– Nocellara Olives
– Hazelnuts saucisson
– Mature Blue Stilton Cheese
– Brie de Meaux
– Bottle(s) of Minervois la Liviniere

Charcuterie board - Cheese, Saucisson, Olives, Red wine

So after you have all of this on your table, things become very simple. Slice the saucisson as thinly as you can, cut the cheese and arrange everything on the board to look as delicious as possible. Simple, right?

Then please take some photos of it and share them on Facebook to make all of your friends crave for what you are about to eat. Trust me when I say, photos of charcuterie boards will always look yummy and it’s really easy to make them.

Don’t forget to open the bottle of wine at least 10 min before to let it breathe.

Tips: Cheese and wine always taste better when you have it with your loved one.

Charcuterie board - Cheese, Saucisson, Olives, Red wine

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